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Letmevote Poetry Pt1

Letmevote may be the one citizenship campaign with the strongest love of poetry. While our French Chair has written a fantastic poem about Europe in best French style, Letmevote UK has had quite a lot of fun with inventing the new genre we like to call ‘Voting Limericks’.

Our UK poetry has mostly focused on the traditional form of the Irish limerick – but we have been open for any freeform ideas available on a sunday morning! To make matters more complicated, our new genre is twitter-based, so limiting each little poem to 140 categories.

Here is a selection of Letmevote UK poems, most of which were written at the time of the letmevote ECI, so encourage people to sign.

If we can we should,
Help each other if we
You see, we’re in the same
So please do help each other
To thy own self be true
Whether red, green or blue
Just vote
For hope
And so make your country
As the night draws near
We’ve nowt to fear
With a vote we can steer
With a vote they will hear
Please do sign my dear
Together we can improve
We can change the groove
Tomorrow we can vote
If today you wrote
Your name to approve…
As night draws near
We have nothing to fear.
Together we can steer
So don’t shed a tear
Please sign my dear
Just here
There is no line between
Them and Us.
There is no
Yours and Mine.
What we need
Is for you to lead
And sign…
¬†It’s late but still awake
We know the need that’s innate
A vote to make legitimate.
Together we’re more than
¬†Fairness is what we’re taught.
Your name to aid who ought.
Sign here so Others hear,
Votes aren’t for naught.
As tis the morn,
There is no need to mourn.
Do what’s right,
Don’t give up the fight.
Vote a right to those who are
It’s off to bed you go
Proud of what you know
So play your part
In the politics that’s smart
Not the politics of No!
Love a little longer
Vote a little stronger
Include your Other as
He may become your brother
Lets get further.
Because you wrote
Democracy we shall savour
Without fear nor favour
Your signature to denote
Give your name to vote
Before the pub,
Before the grub,
Think about hope,
Don’t accept nope,
Give your mates the vote!
Shame to waste
What you’ve got.
A great fame
Is yours to give
A lot.
Place your name
A game this is not.
Want to help your brother?
Don’t want to treat him as Other?
Want to help your sister?
As cool as any hipster?
Help: #letmevote