About Letmevote

Letmevote UK is part of the Letmevote EU project. Letmevote is an independent citizens’ group which encourages EU citizens to vote and help shape Europe. We believe in a Europe of the people. It is up to us to get involved in our communities, cities and regions, in politics and/or in civil society organisations, or simply to shape the world we live in as individual commentators on social media, and in sharing our thinking with friends and families.


We strongly support the concept of free movement within the EU and think EU citizenship needs to made more real, partly through enhancing EU citizens’ right to vote where they live in the EU, in all elections, nor just local and EU-elections. For this reason Letmevote EU ran a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) in 2013 calling for the right to vote for EU citizens in all elections in whichever EU country they live. This specifically focused on the 13.6 million mobile EU citizens who live in another EU country other than their home country.



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