Letmevote UK


Letmevote has built a network of citizen volunteers which has been specifically active in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and in the UK.

The UK Team of Letmevote_UK seems to love twitter almost as much as it loves all things European. So lots of our campaigning work – first for the ECI, currently for voter registration of the 2.5 million EU citizens who live in the UK – has been focused on twitter (@letmevote_UK).

We are a small group of like-minded citizens who believe that voting is an important right through which all citizens can help shape the society they live in. A mix of Brits and EU-citizens living in the UK long-term, we know why this matters – Europe is not just some remote institutions, it is an actual lived reality, which allows for great exchanges and enriches our lives so much. We have built a twitter community of some 3000+ lovely tweeps, who discuss Europe with us, help us spread the word about voter participation in all elections, and even put up with our own brand of twitter poetry occasionally.

We are also motivated by the awareness that there is little real information about how the EU works out there in the mainstream media which mostly inform people’s perceptions.

But in our communications work, our focus is never on a Europe of institutions.

Letmevote UK has a strong focus on a Europe of the people, a Europe of its citizens. We aim to encourage a friendly and civic-minded exchange between neighbours. We are interested in how communities interact, how individuals contribute to communities, and how Europe is a richer place because of the incredible diversity of the people who live in it and have contributed to it over time.