European Green Party (EGP) Manifesto 2014

The European Green Party is a transnational political party having as its members Green parties from European countries (although not necessarily from European Union member states). Parties can also become candidates and associates. The most important bodies of the EGP are the Council and the Committee.

Council is made up 120 representatives of member parties. These are allotted on the basis of their most recent European or national election results. Each party has at least two delegates. It is responsible for political affairs between congresses and it decides over organizational matters, such as the election of committee, the application of members and associates and candidates of the European Green Party.

‘We want to give European citizens a direct say while also maintaining our commitment to create a common European political space where important decisions are not only discussed within the confines of national debates but on an open democratic European stage.’ says Reinhard Bütikofer, Co-Chair of the EGP

Use this map to find out which Green Parties are a member of the European Green Party (EGP)

You can find the Green’s 2014 Manifesto here Change Europe vote green