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Europeens Sans Frontieres is a Paris-based non-profit organisation which initiates and coordinated citizens and community projects with an EU focus. ESF works with volunteers, contributors and organisations in different EU member states.

ESF’s focus is on bringing EU citizens and EU democracy closer together.

In 2013 ESF started the letmevote campaign, calling for the right to vote for all EU citizens in all elections, wherever they live in the EU. Currently, EU citizens can only vote in European and some local/regional elections, but not in other local elections, and not in general elections in their country of residence, if it is different from their home country, no matter how integrated they are in their place of residence.

In 2014 ESF is continuing its lobbying and social media work for the letmevote concept, extending to a project encouraging EU citizens’ voter registration in the UK in preparation for the European Elections 2014. ESF volunteers are also working on a new project called ‘Rock the Euro Vote’ which encourages EU citizens to vote in the European Elections 2014.

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